Find The Best Foam Mattress In Ottawa and Brampton at Amazing Prices!

 We understand how difficult it can be to choose a mattress that is comfortable and does not give you a hard time while sleeping. Once you lay down on our memory foam mattresses, you will love it! Our wide range of foam mattresses is designed to provide you with the good sound sleep that everyone craves after a hectic day! All our mattresses are firm and allow people to change their sleeping positions easily. Furniture Point has made a name for itself in the sleep industry by offering high-end mattresses which are one-of-a-kind.

Different Types of Mattresses We Offer:-

 California King:

  • Our California King is a memory foam mattress that has all the vital features that make a mattress comfy. Not only is it affordable but it offers great comfort.


  •  Looking for a mattress that can offer you the best sleep? If yes, there is nothing better than our Addison mattress. Undoubtedly, it is the best foam mattress in Ottawa. The mattress allows excellent air circulation and unmatched quality.


  •  Our Bella mattress is highly popular among our customers because of its excellent support features. Choosing this mattress can turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life, and we are not kidding!

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